Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be a chore. Here at Heart to Heart Fine Jewelry we take it as an opportunity to show our personal style. Some like to keep things simple, others prefer to make a statement – either way, adding some jewelry into your ensemble is always a promising idea. Below are four tips to styling your jewelry like a pro.


When choosing jewelry, mix the simple with intricate. Don’t be afraid to layer multiple styles of jewelry together, you’d be surprised at how the juxtaposition of metals and sizes can work to create a beautiful display.


 When it comes to stacking rings, there aren’t any rules set in stone; however, we’ve discovered that playing with different ring materials, shapes and sizes works best. To achieve balance we live by this foolproof tip – stack one of your hands in an odd amount of rings and the other in an even number.



Choose jewelry that feels most like you while at the same time putting a spin on classic pieces. It’s amazing how a few carefully chosen accessories can make your whole look feel more personal and polished.


 Mixing metals – sterling with rose gold, white with yellow gold – will pleasantly surprise you. Also, don’t stress that your wedding ring is gold and your favorite watch is silver. Take it from us, keep your wedding ring neutral when it comes to future fashion decisions.

We hope these tips will make getting ready in the morning a little bit more personal and a tad easier. The truth is when it comes to jewelry, the possibilities are endless. And although we live by these pro jewelry tips, we also believe that staying true to yourself is what’s most important. Break boundaries when it comes to jewelry, especially if it means leaving the house in an ensemble that is most comfortable to you. View our online gallery or visit us in store to see if any of our jewelry pieces catch your eye.