While our professionals here at Heart to Heart have made fine jewelry part of their everyday life, there are many who may find the wide world of gems and jewels quite intimidating – and to those people we say, don’t fret! We’re here to help! This month on the blog, we’re releasing our basic beginners guide to jewelry.


In past and present-day diamond rings have been considered the top jewelry choice among women. Its luster and sparkle make them a tough option to resist. Without going into detail, a beginner jewelry-shopper should consider two things when investing in a diamond ring – color and shine. Simply put, the better the cut of a diamond, the more that said diamond will sparkle. 


We believe that the right pair of earrings can take a look from casual to class. Some popular styles include hoops, dangles and diamond studs. Hoop earrings or dangles are especially great to accentuate the neck and décolletage, while diamond studs can be worn with almost any look.


Bracelets have the great ability to deliver a polished, elegant touch to any ensemble. Bracelets, like a lot of other jewelry, are a reflection of personal style and a great way to show who you are in a subtle way. For those who love sparkle and shine, diamond/gem bracelets are a great choice. If a more subtle tone is what sparks your fancy, we suggest a pearl bracelet or a chain bracelet. We always recommend focusing on the quality of the piece over the size.


Necklaces are the bridge between the face and the outfit, which is important to remember when making an investment. They are an easy way to accessorize, and a fast way to add chic to any ensemble. Necklaces can be whatever you want them to be – big, small, loud, subtle, long, short, thin, thick, etc. For this we say have fun with it!

The world of jewelry can be daunting to those that are new or unfamiliar. We hope our beginners guide can be of assistance the next time you brave the jewelry stores. Our professionals are always available and happy to help. Give us a call or visit us in store to chit chat about all things jewelry.