When a person means the world to you, whether he or she is a lover or a lifelong friend, buying jewelry can be intimidating and sometimes rather stressful. The impending purchase shouldn’t leave you feeling burdened, anxious or waking at night in a cold sweat; it should be a fun, memorable, and most importantly a rewarding experience that leaves you proud of your gift and your special person dazzled by what he or she was given. Below are a few common mistakes to steer clear from when buying jewelry for a loved one:

Making a jewelry purchase is no small feat; in fact, a jewelry purchase may be one of the larger financial and even emotional ventures a person can make. Even with this knowledge lots of people charge head first into the jewelry buying process with very little experience or information about what they intend to buy. Take the time to do the research about what you want; familiarize yourself with the four Cs of diamonds, read about the different types of jewelry metals, and be able to differentiate carat weights. If you aren’t able to judge the quality of a piece, how do you expect to get the best bang for your buck? Taking the time to learn about the product will make the purchasing process that much easier and more enjoyable.

Finding a reputable jewelry retailer, like Heart to Heart Fine Jewelry, is a must. Unfortunately, prospective buyers are all too often tricked into paying for one thing and receiving something totally unexpected. If, for some reason, the piece you decide on doesn’t measure up to your standards, be sure the retailer you’ve chosen will be there for you, ready to address and tend to your concerns.

No two people are the same, and each has a different style or flair as unique as his or her personality. Being an effective and successful purchaser of jewelry requires a good helping of perceptiveness. Would my recipient like something large or small? Does she tend to wear more gold or silver? Does he have a favorite gemstone? A favorite type of metal? No question is a dumb one, and any information at all is useful. Having a strong idea of what your person likes will ultimately make your jewelry buying experience more successful.

If you need help in making a great jewelry decision, we’re always available to assist you.  Come by our showroom, email us at heart2heartjewelry@gmail.com, or call us at (808) 944-9626 to make sure your next jewelry purchase meets her expectations.