We’re all about diamonds here at Heart 2 Heart, we demand nothing but the best. And although we’ve been in the business for decades, we know the lingo is unfamiliar territory for most of our customers. Below are several terms that are helpful to know when shopping for that perfect diamond.

American Gem Society (AGS) – American Gem Society (AGS), founded in 1934 by a small group of leading jewelers, is an organization that helps to protect customers from false advertising and fraudulent product. Today it is an association comprised of private retailers and suppliers. AGS is dedicated to ethical practices and maintenance of gemological skills and knowledge.

American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) – The AGSL is the leading gemological laboratory known for its superiority in diamonds. AGS Labs are also known for setting the highest standard for cut grading.

Bar Channel Setting – When it comes to a bar channel setting, individual metal bars separate each diamond. The metal around the stone is molded to lock it in place.

Bezel Setting – When stones are secured in place with a thing metal rim, it is considered a bezel setting. The bezel setting does a great job of guarding the diamond/gemstone from damage, yet does not block light from entering the top of the stone and creating brilliance.

Brilliance – Brilliance is defined as the reflection of a bright white light from the facets of a diamond.

Carat Weight – Carat is most commonly referenced as the size of a diamond; It is a standard unit of measure that defines the weight of a diamond. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams.

Center Stone – The center stone is the central, dominant stone in a piece of jewelry with multiple stones; it’s the one that “stands out” at first glance.

Channel Setting – In a channel setting, ridges in the metal create a channel to hold the gemstones in place.

There you have it, your first glossary lesson that’s sure to add sparkle and shine to your diamond shopping experience. If our list is not enough and you need any help determining which diamond is right for you, give us a call or visit us on Kapiolani Boulevard, we absolute live to see our customers satisfied.