The most important part is complete, you’ve found the perfect partner, the person with whom you want to spend forever! The next step is daunting to say the least – the proposal. Traditionally, men both choose the engagement ring and pop the question. However, in more recent times, women have also taken on the role, while some couples even choose to do it together. Whichever route you and your partner choose to follow is up to you and perfect as far as we’re concerned. This month on the blog is a handful of things one should know and prepare for when going engagement ring shopping.


First things first! Know your diamond basics. Everything you need to know about the 4C’s is here. Learn about the carat, cut, color and clarity of a diamond before you start shopping.


We suggest knowing you and your partners ring size before you shop. It’ll make things easier for all parties involved. It’s also helpful to know if you’re allergic to any metals or cleaning solutions and to give that information to your jeweler immediately.


Whether you choose to shop together or not, we find it important to have an idea of what you like before heading out. Bridal magazines, fine jewelry websites (wink wink) and Pinterest are great resources to get you in the zone. Get an idea of what metals you gravitate towards and what styles peak your interest.


Have a budget when shopping for an engagement ring. Again, knowing this information ahead of time will make things easier for both you and your jeweler. 


Shopping for an engagement ring can be lots of things – exciting, emotional, stressful, even unsuccessful. If you aren’t feeling 100% about a ring, don’t stress. Give yourself a break and try again later. Maybe you need a little more time, or perhaps the answer to your engagement ring dilemma is that you need to create your own! 

Whether you choose to shop together or alone, we are here to guide you through the entire engagement ring buying process. Give us a call or browse our gallery if you’re in need of some inspiration. We’d also love to help you design a custom engagement if that’s what fits your fancy. Let our professionals here at Heart to Heart help!