2020 has been a blur for a myriad of reasons, it’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through May! To liven things up this month we’re spotlighting one of our all-time favorite gems – the emerald. 

Historically, emeralds have been connected to wealth, fame and luxury. It’s vivid green hues, which range from deep forest to pale pistachio, make it one of the more beloved gems. There’s a certain fascination with this gorgeous stone that spans over hundreds of years, and we are fully behind the hype.

In ancient Rome and Greece, emeralds were supposedly the gemstone of the goddess of hope and love, Venus. In ancient Egypt, emeralds were the source of eternal life and considered precious by the Incas. In modern day, the May birthstone holds a few different meanings. Emeralds with softer, soothing green tones are representative of peace, while those with dark tones are said to bring happy beginnings or new life – both of which are perfect for spring.

Unlike many gemstones, emeralds shine equally as beautiful in both gold and silver settings – which adds to the long list of reasons to love it. With proper maintenance and care, this gorgeous green gem will remain vibrant and beautiful for many years. This important quality makes it a great gift to anyone born in May, or to anyone who might symbolize hope, truth and eternal love.  

We hope you enjoyed this quick spotlight. Emeralds are definitely one of our all-time favorite gemstones, especially during spring and summer. Are there any other gemstones you’d like us to talk more about? If so, leave us a comment below. Also, if an emerald is next up on your list of gemstone jewelry to acquire, we’d love to help you cross it off. We specialize in creating long-lasting custom pieces of jewelry and would love toget that creative process started. Give us a call!