Looking to go bold and polish your wardrobe? Is green your thing? Green gemstones range from classic stones like emerald and peridot to less traditional like turquoise and jade. There are plenty of green gems to choose from and even more reasons to love them! Each stone offers its own unique qualities and this month on the blog we’re talking about them all.

It’s safe to say that emeralds are what everyone thinks of when talking ‘green gemstones’. The classic bright green color is an image that is easily ingrained into ones memory. Emerald is the birthstone for May, and can be found in a wide variety of shades of green, ranging from deep bluish greens to bright light greens.

Peridot, the birthstone for August, is an extremely vibrant and bright gem. It’s colors range from yellow-green to lime to olive green, and we’re here for it all. Many people mixup peridots for emeralds because their hues ad beauty can be confusingly similar.

Tourmaline is a favorite to many jewelry designers because the stone comes in an expansive variety of colors. The intense color range assures that theirs a shade for everyone. Looking fo a hunter green stone? Lime green? Dark green with hints of brown? Tourmaline is your answer!

Tsavorite (say-van-right) and demantoid are the two most common green garnets. While their colors are fairly similar, they have a different chemical makeups and spring from two completely separate garnet groups. Demantois have a dark, grassy hue, while tsavorites are usually a very bright green.

This stone is exceptionally rare. Alexandrite appears green in broad, bright daylight and violet in lower light. Some jewelers keep synthetic versions of Alexandrite in stock because of how rare the gemstone actually is.

The most valuable type of jade is that which manifests a rich emerald-green color, usually a variety of Imperial Jade. Jade is masterfully durable which makes it an excellent choice for everyday jewelry. This gemstone has cultural ties to China and rangers in colors — emerald to ashy green to speckled white and green.

Turquoise comes in a great range of blues and greens. The gemstone holds a strong cultural connection to the American southwest, but has also been seen in a plethora of inventive jewelry designs, often paired with sterling silver. It remains one of December’s birthstones.

Labradorite gemstones are popular when it comes to artisan jewelry designs. The gem has an opaque green-gray base, and gives off a rainbow effect when hit by light from a certain direction.

I know we say it a lot around here at Heart to Heart Fine Jewelry, but here it is again— knowledge is power! We hope your knowledge of these eight green gemstones help make your jewelry shopping experience a little bit easier. Don’t be afraid to go bold when attempting to amp up your wardrobe. With the many varieties of green gems to choose from, we’re certain you’ll find one (maybe a few!) to match your personal style.