This month’s post continues the list of stones we love. Like we said last month, all gemstones share the one commonality of being gorgeous. Below are another five stones with which we are particularly fond.


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The color of this stone ranges, literally, through all shades of the rainbow, and it’s clarity follows suit from transparent to translucent. The Ancient Romans said that the stone was from created from frozen moonlight, thus gaining it’s name.


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In modern day, we preface the word ‘onyx’ with ‘black’ to separate it from other varieties of the stone. The onyx gem comes in brown, red-brown and white. Because the color black is so timeless, the gemstone is one that will never lead you wrong. It’s rich black color can be both classic and modern.


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Opal stands as the birthstone of October and is one of our very favorite gemstones. Long ago, the opal stone was known as the “Queen of Gems” because it included the colors of all other gemstones. Each opal stone is truly unique, often compared to the fingerprints of the earth.


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Pearls are considered an organic gemstone and are the only stones formed within a living creature. This June birthstone has long been admired, even worshipped, by mankind. Ancient Persians even called them “the tears of the Gods”. Pearls, like other precious stones, come in many beautiful colors – white, cream, rose, lilac, green and black. Pearls are considered the easiest gemstone to dress both up or down.


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Peridot, unlike almost all other gemstones, exist in only one color – lime green. It was believed long ago that Mother Nature created the stone to celebrate the creation of the world. Today it is believed to hold healing powers which protect against nightmares. Peridot gemstones are perfect for those who prefer citrus/earth tones in their jewelry collection.

This completes part two of the Index of Stones, look out for our April blog post which will complete our list of favorites. Like we mentioned last month, should any of these stones tug at your heart strings we’d love to discuss working with you and making your gemstone dreams come true.