Aloha and welcome back to The 4 C’s Series! Last month we talked about all things involving diamond clarity. This month we’re back at it with the second C and slicing right to it — diamond cut.

Most people would probably say a diamond’s cut is whatever shape it takes (heart, round, oval, pear, etc.); however, the cut is really more about how well its facets communicate with light. A diamond facet is a flat surface on the geometric shape of a diamond and should be arranged in a way that assures the right amount of light enters and reflects from the stone. While itʻs true that in most cases to have more facets than less is a good thing, a diamond’s “sparkle” is truly at its best depending on the facet’s proportion and symmetry. It takes masterful and precise artistry to shape a diamond so it delivers the highest amount of light return as possible.

The cut of a diamond is crucial when considering a stone. While a poor cut has the ability to dull the color and clarity of a diamond, a good cut will bring out the gem’s beauty. A diamond’s cut depicts how much light enters, reflects from and leaves through the top or crown of the diamond — the more precise of a cut, the “brighter” a diamond will shine. Even a stone with great color and superb clarity will appear dull if its cut is executed poorly. Here at Heart to Heart Fine Jewelry, we believe that when choosing a diamond, its cut should be the most important information you consider.

There are 5 basic parts when it comes to the cut of a diamond.
•The table is the flat surface on top of the diamond, or the top facet.
•The section between the table, or top facet, and the girdle of the diamond is the crown.
•The girdle is the lower midsection of the diamond as well as the widest part of the stone.
•The bottom section between the girdle and the bottom tip of the diamond is known as the pavilion.
•The bottom tip of the diamond is called the cutlet.

We want to keep you confident in choosing the diamond of your dreams, and believe that understanding the inner workings of a gem will give you the results you’re looking for. We have hopes of educating jewelry sellers and buyers alike, while continuing to deepen our own education of modern jewelry technology, fads and gemstone composition. Next month, we progress more into our 4 C’s Series with diamond color, we hope you’ll continue this journey with us. We’re pumped you’ve made it this far and would love to answer any questions below. Give us a call or visit us in store to see our selection of top grade diamonds.