Who doesn’t love an incredible engagement ring? Sure, we’re biased. Nevertheless, all people enjoy beautiful things. Below is a small list of what we think are the best celebrity engagement rings. From the rarest to the most unique, these beauties have continued to blow people away.


Five years into the marriage, husband Richard Burton to wife Elizabeth Taylor, gifted the 33.19 carat diamond ring. Today it is valued at $8.8 million, maintaining its title as the most expensive celebrity ring.


At first glance Prince Philip’s engagement ring to Queen Elizabeth is surprisingly modest. It’s the thoughtfulness and history which makes it more special than most. Set in platinum, the 3.00 carat stone comes from the tiara of Philip’s mother. What an amazing piece to pass down to your children!


When originality is at stake, Jaqueline Kennedy’s 2.84 carat emerald and 2.88 carat diamond ring comes to mind. Its swirling design and flurry of stones makes this ring one of our very favorites.


With the 1981 proposal of Prince Charles to Diana came an imminent part of engagement history. Everyone remembers the 12.00 carat blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The “Diana-style” engagement ring became a widely identified preference. Today, the same ring is worn by Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William who is also the son of Princess Diana.

These rings have continued to stun people with their beauty and sparkle. If any of these styles tickle your engagement-ring-fancy, we offer celebrity-inspired engagement rings here at Heart 2 Heart. Let us help you find the perfect ring for that special someone.