Most often the very first step of choosing an engagement ring is deciding the shape or cut (when viewed from above) of your stone. This month on the blog we’re revealing our list of the 5 most popular stone shapes and what they say about you. Let’s jump right in!

ROUND stones are definitely the most popular shape when it comes to engagements. It is a classic and simple design made for maximum shine. Round stones are usually for the person who enjoys simplicity and tradition.

PRINCESS-CUT pieces usually find their way to those hopeless-romantics wanting a square stone offering the sparkle of a round-shaped gem. The princess shape is best known for its manifestation of style, beauty, excitement and edge. 

OVAL designs are known for engulfing you in its captivating, elegant and elongated shape. Those who have a flair for creativity and individualism usually gravitate towards this cut. Oval stones are also great for those looking to stay ahead of the trends, but also love a classic aesthetic.

MARQUISE shaped gems scream eternal-romantic and aristocratic. To those whose personalities are larger-than-life and who enjoy all things glamorous, this one’s for you. The elongated stone gives the illusion of a larger size, which at the same time assists the fingers in looking longer and more slender. 

PEAR shaped stones are half round, half marquise, and 100% gorgeous. This cut is stylish, bold, and adventurous. Those drawn to excitement and the unexpected gravitate toward this graceful symbol of commitment. 

Sure, engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some people don’t always choose a diamond as their featured stone, and that’s okay! What’s important is finding the best fit for you. We hope this guide to the top 5 gem shapes has helped you feel better prepared to pick the perfect one. To learn more, and to view any styles that we have in-store with one of our professional jewelers, give us a call today.