Summer is in full force and with it comes months of traveling and exploring new places. Whether you’re planning on a vacation abroad or long-awaited staycation, you may have a few questions on what jewelry is best to bring along, leave behind and how to pack it.

A vacation is a great excuse to accessorize, and our rules for what to bring along are rather simple. We suggest packing a few neutral pieces — simple studs, a small pendant necklace, a watch, and one statement piece — we recommend staying less expensive and going trendy.

When it comes to leaving pieces behind, our rule of thumb is don’t bring anything you’re afraid to lose. Anything of intense monetary or emotional value should be kept where they’re safe — at home. This may include your wedding band/ring, in which case we highly recommend snagging a “travel wedding band” for a fraction of the price.

Once you’ve decided which pieces are coming with you and which are staying behind, there’s still the task of packing your jewelry without tangling or breaking anything. It may sound strange, but invest in a small pack of disposable straws. When it comes to keeping necklace chains tangle-free slip one end of the necklace through a straw then close the clasp. We suggest using one drinking straw per necklace. Stick the secured straws in a toothbrush holder and call it good. For your extra small pieces like rings, earring studs and bracelets use a daily pill box for organizing. This allows you to store all of your small pieces in one single container while keeping them separate. If your summer plans consist of constant traveling, invest in a travel jewelry organizer. These cases are made particularly for jewelry and do a superb job of keeping pieces free from both tangles and scratches.

There you have it — traveling with jewelry made easy! Summer is all about rest and relaxation, let your jewelry compliment that sentiment.