Jewelry protection is no laughing matter. Especially when your most sentimental piece has all of a sudden broke a clasp. Holiday parties are just around the corner and your jewelry drawer is about to be in full force. This month on the blog, rest easy knowing that our Heart to Heart ohana has got your guide to jewelry protection and repair.

When a piece of jewelry becomes damaged, it’s best for you to get it repaired as soon as possible. Waiting to fix the problem could result in additional damage or lost parts. Collect whatever pieces you can find and contact a trusted jeweler right away. Jewelers may need to fix or adjust a number of things — ring sizing, ring settings, stone tightening, chain repair, clasp replacement, pearl restringing — the list goes on.

We suggest looking into any warranties when purchasing jewelry. Some jewelers offer lifetime guarantees or allow you the opportunity to pick up an extended one to cover specific types of damage. Some places even offer free periodic cleanings and inspections.

Everyday jewelry, particularly rings, benefit from period cleanings and inspections — we suggest two to three times a year to prevent any serious damage from everyday wear and tear. Jewelers will be able to check the all-around condition of a piece, including securing any stones and clasps, and cleaning and polishing any normal grime and tarnish.

Your cost of repair will depend on a few different things. Is your piece under warranty? What is the difficulty of repair? Are the part that need replacing easy to access? How quickly does the piece need to be fixed? Consider these types of questions when setting out to find a jeweler.

Jewelry repairs come in many forms of quality. Some repairs require more skill which makes it crucially important to find a jewelry you trust.

Rest easy this holiday season knowing that you jewelry situation is under control. Broken clasp? We got you. Stone went missing? We’ll figure it out together. Need to tighten your gem? No problem. Our Heart to Heart jewelers — David, Allen and Ed —handle the repair needs of the top retailers on the island. Put your jewelry into our hands, and trust us to get the job done the right way.