When it comes to wedding bands the choices are limitless. The style, shape, metal, sentimentality and price are all factors to be acknowledged, and should lead to your dream piece that expresses your personal style to perfection. This month on the blog we’re going back to the basics, and discussing all things wedding band related.

The first thing to consider is style. Do you prefer your wedding band match your partner’s? Do you want both bands to match the engagement ring? While there is no rule saying all three rings should fit a certain style, we do think that all should complement each other in one way or another. This means something different for everyone but is definitely a factor to think about when designing your own band.

While many opt for plain pieces, some people prefer their bands come set with a variety of stones. Yes, diamonds are always a popular choice, but it’s truly all about personal taste. We’ve worked with amethyst and sapphires and find them to be equally as gorgeous!

Next, brainstorm all the metal possibilities. Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum are most common when it comes to metal. These options vary in color, cost and hypoallergenic nature but all come down to the buyer’s preference. Some metals that are less common include titanium and tungsten. Both have a smoky gray color and are incredibly durable. It’s important to not that these specific choices cannot be resized.

If wearing a piece of history tickles your fancy, consider freshening up a family heirloom. Many look past the idea, but we highly suggest you give it some thought. Heirloom bands that have been in the family for generations can ingrain your wedding vows with even more significance.

If your engagement journey has not yet begun we recommend looking into “trio sets”, which include the engagement ring and wedding bands, when that time comes. It’s a great way to have perfectly coordinated pieces that sometimes save both time and money.

Sometimes the process of choosing the perfect fit can become overwhelming. To this we say – remember your why – wedding bands are emblems of commitment and love. There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to the ring, relax and enjoy the moments you have with the one you love most. We hope you all have been able to find bits of love and happiness amongst all of the COVID-19 chaos. We are here for you all, and want you to know how much we appreciate you. Hang in there!