So, you don’t like silver or gold? No problem! While we are lovers of all things jewelry here at Heart to Heart, we understand that different people can like different things, and that’s okay. Below are three alternatives to the ever-so-popular silver and gold.


This metal alternative is very strong and durable. The 10.5% of chromium that help make up stainless steel allows it to resist oxidation—a key component in preventing both rust and corrosion, as well as helping to resist stains from appearing on the metal’s surface. 


Titanium is pure – not combined with any other metal alloy – and therefore hypoallergenic. While you’d expect a pure, incredibly strong metal to be heavy, it’s actually lighter than both silver and gold—which is always a plus when searching for everyday jewelry. It’s important to note that titanium cannot be soldered and is unable to be resized. This metal alternative is highly resistant to bending and denting and is most commonly found in grey and black.


Cobalt is naturally white, hypoallergenic, as well as scratch, chip and shatter resistant. This extremely durable and strong metal will give you the look of fine white gold, but the durability of stainless steel. We’re big fans here at Heart to Heart.

We hope this condensed list of alternative metals have helped you out today. We truly believe the more you know about jewelry, the better prepared you are to make those hard decisions in store. Not everyone prefers gold or silver, and that’s okay. Give us a call if you’re looking to create something very special, we’re here to help you!