Everything about diamonds make them the perfect stone for the holiday season. From their frosty sparkle and unmatched shine, to the warmth and feeling of love they bring when gifted to someone dear. They truly do make the perfect present for that special someone. This month on the blog, we’re here to offer our expertise when choosing a gift of diamonds for the holidays.


A diamond necklace is sure to make a holiday gift one that he or she will treasure forever. The more fashion-forward gift-receiver might appreciate the large and trendy diamond, while the minimalist will appreciate a diamond solitaire pendant hanging from a simple, dainty gold chain. 


Simple, elegant diamond studs are always a good idea when it comes to gift-giving. Studs are also available at an array of price points, leaving you to only decide the weight, cut, metal and quality. You can read more about that here. If your special someone already owns a pair of studs, or she usually goes for a more elaborate look, diamond drop earrings may also suite her fancy. 


A diamond bracelet is arguably a piece that will be seen by most. This may allow her or him to be reminded of you more often. If you are the hopeless-romantic type, a simple diamond bangle is a sure bet. We cannot leave out the classic diamond tennis bracelet. This choice is safe, and comes in quality and carat weight that will fit most people’s price points.


Diamond rings are an absolute no-brainer, especially for the engaged or married pair. A diamond ring makes an excellent addition to all jewelry wardrobes. You may even want to adventure into the trendy territory. Consider choosing a diamond ring with color gemstone accents, or a right-hand ring with an intricate diamond design.

There is definitely territory to carefully tread if you plan to gift a ring to your special someone and are not yet married or engaged. While it’s not totally off-limits, (there are no rules when it comes to gifting diamonds) beware of the signals your gift may send. No matter her style or your budget, there is a diamond piece for everyone this holiday season. 

If finding the perfect piece is a little more difficult than you expected, feel free to contact our jewelry professionals for assistance. We’d love to help! Mele Kalikimaka friends!