We’ve said it time and time again – know what you want before you walk into a jewelry store. Especially when you’re purchasing a ring for you or your loved one. There’s the diamond’s cut, color, carat, clarity, shape, and price to hash out – we’ve talked a little bit about that in a previous post here. Today, let’s talk metals.

Below are six metals that we find people gravitate towards when creating their wedding and engagement rings. Keep reading to learn more about them.


Our most suitable choice for any ring is platinum. It’s rarity, natural white and unwavering sheen, and everlasting hardness is what makes it such an excellent choice. If your budget allows we’re certain this strong, heavy and naturally hypo-allergenic option will make you happy.


White gold is made with combined parts of pure gold and other white metals such as silver and palladium. This mixture of metals produces a beautiful polish and shine. We notice that the compatibility of white gold sets up an almost perfect backdrop for diamonds and other colored gemstones.


Yellow gold is the most traditional choice for wedding and engagement rings. An equal mixture of pure gold, copper and silver gives yellow gold a certain warmth that cannot be beat.


Rose gold has become very popular in recent years. Also known as pink or red gold, it adds an extra touch of romance to your piece. If you’re looking for a metal that is distinguished and universal then rose gold may be the one for you.


Silver is well-known for being one of the most inexpensive and malleable metals. It is one of the longest standing precious metals in jewelry making. It should be known that silver will tarnish and scratch more easily than gold or platinum.


Titanium is known for being incredibly durable, especially in comparison to gold. Titanium is also usually a darker color and a lighter weight, two things of which most people don’t mind. Those with sensitivities to metals like titanium for it’s hypo-allergenic properties.

Whatever the metal, whatever the stone, whatever the price, each piece of jewelry is unique and speaks to their owner’s taste.

Here at Heart to Heart Fine Jewelry we strive to deliver your dream piece with superior craftsmanship and customer service. Give us a call or visit us in store to see what we have available for purchase.