Let’s talk face shapes. Everyone’s face – whether they be oval, round, oblong, square, heart, pear or diamond – is best complimented with specific styles of jewelry. Over-sized fashion jewelry is “in,” and while we like to live by the rule “there are no rules”, we must admit that jewelry that is proportional to the size of your face is the most complementing. Wearing the correct jewelry with the correct neckline will balance a face, and bring out its best features.

The oval face is curved, soft and holds an equal distance from the hairline to the eyebrow as it does from the eyebrow to the chin. Oval faces can wear almost any neckline or jewelry style, and is often considered the “perfect” face shape. With that said, wearing overly long earrings will lengthen any face shape. If looking to dramatically off-set the oval face shape, one may consider wearing triangle-shaped earrings.

The round face is also soft and curved, however, unlike the oval face there is an equal distance all around. The objective when choosing jewelry for this face shape is to lengthen its appearance. We recommend wearing longer, looping necklaces, thus creating a triangular “V” and drawing attention to the length of the face and neck. Round faces are also ideal for wearing long, dramatically vertical earrings. Any style of jewelry that draws attention to a strong vertical line and the length of the face will be flattering.

The oblong, or rectangular face, is longer than it is wide. Short necklaces will reduce the appearance of length, like chokers and collar pieces are ideal. Earrings should follow suit. Oblong face shapes should choose big, bold, dramatic, wide earring pieces. Earrings that add width to the face will be most flattering for oblongs.

With square faces come strong jawlines. The distance from the top of the face to the chin matches the width of the face. Squares will want to add soft angles to create an illusion of length and soften the jawline. Long, curved necklaces are ideal for squares. You want your necklaces to create a “U”. Oval hoops, long drop and narrow chandelier earrings are best to keep the face looking long. Square faces should avoid any short, button, wide styles of jewelry.

Heart shaped faces have wide brows and narrow chins. The width of the face at the forehead is larger than that at the chin. Necklaces that are short and curved will help to reduce the appearance of length in the jawline and should diminish the sharp point of the chin. Thick chokers or large bead/pendant-short chain necklaces will create a fullness at the neck which will then balance out the width of the forehead. Earrings that add width at the jawline are ideal. The objective is to create a space-filling design to balance out the narrow chin. Teardrop or triangle shaped earrings are an example of this.

Pear shaped faces are the opposite of heart shaped faces and hold narrow brows with a wide jawline. Short necklaces that form a “V” with a pendant are ideal. This will give the appearance of a longer face and draw out the jaw. Keep in mind that opposite attract when it comes to earrings. Pear faces should wear heart-shaped earrings – meaning the narrowest part of the piece should fall next to the wide jawline. Small button studs also work with pear faces.

The diamond face is balanced, angular and dramatic. Cheekbones are widest on the face of a diamond, while being equally narrow at the forehead and jaw. Much like the oval face shape, diamonds can “get away” with most jewelry choices. Diamonds can wear almost any shape and should only think about complementing the neckline. The same goes for a diamond’s earring selection.

We hope these face shape tips and suggestions will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Jewelry should aid to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up. For help in selecting or creating jewelry that’s right for you, give us a call or take a look at our gallery right here on our website.