Here at Heart to Heart we are lovers of all things jewelry-related; however, we understand that gold and silver just aren’t some peoples jam. This month on the blog we’re talking about four alternatives to the ever popular silver and gold.

Titanium is known for it’s incredible strength and one-of-a-kind look. It’s most outstanding trait is that it is pure —it isn’t combined with any other metal alloy — therefore hypoallergenic. While titanium is stronger than steel and gold, it is also lighter! Titanium is highly resistant to both dents and bending, and does not corrode easily. Grey and black are it’s most common colors; however, one can choose to finish the metal with a satin, frost or gloss polish. Titanium cannot be soldered, and therefore isn’t able to be resized.

Stainless steel is very strong and durable. It is less likely to rust than other metals, including regular steel. The approximate 10.5% of chromium present in stainless steel helps it to resist oxidation, which is key in preventing rust, corroding or stains from appearing on the metal’s surface.

Tungsten carbide is astonishingly four times harder than titanium, and resists corrosion. The metal is also extremely dense, making it very difficult to bend. While it’s sizing cannot be reversed, tungsten when polished is also permanent, and requires little to no maintenance.

Cobalt is another very strong and extremely durable metal. The metal is naturally white and highly scratch, chip and shatter resistant. Cobalt is also hypoallergenic and has a similar look and feel to white gold.

We hope our list of alternative metals have helped to better educate you. Like we always say, knowledge is power! Not everybody is a silver or gold person, and that’s okay. If you’re in the market for a custom piece of jewelry, holler at us. We’d love to create something special with you.