Sometimes waiting for someone else to give you your dream piece of jewelry is out of the question. Here at Heart to Heart Fine Jewelry we’re here to remind you that it is A-okay to treat yourself every once in a while! In this day and age it’s encouraged to be independent — people know what they want, why not go after it? Buying fine jewelry for yourself may come off a little strange at first, even disorienting. Fear not! We’re here to help with 3 simple tips.

    It is very important to know what your personal style before buying yourself a fine piece of jewelry. What does your wardrobe look like? Do you resonate with colors or black and white? Given the choice, would you rather wear heels or flats? Loafers or athletic shoes? Knowing whether you plan to wear your new piece of jewelry seven days a week or just on special occasions is one step closer to making the final call.
    It’s always important to know your budget and to stay within it when shopping for jewelry. We recommend setting aside a small amount of money each month until you decide you’re ready to shop. Received a bonus at work? Maybe now’s the time to splurge. Working with a limited budget? Don’t count yourself out. Even limited budgets allow for fine options.
    Once you’ve set your sights on a piece of jewelry, once you decide you’ve found your winner and are ready to take the plunge, inquire your jeweler about any available warranties, service plans, and/or protection plans. A basic warranty should cover deep cleaning for a full year. Service plans take care of repairs, resizing and rhodium plating. Protection plans and insurance will make sure your investment remains an investment.

We know buying jewelry for yourself can be a bit complex, we hope our 3 simple tips will help make that experience a little easier for you. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself every now and again — you deserve it! If you find you need any further help in the process, contact us! We’d love to find (or create) your dream piece. After all, Heart to Heart is the name and JEWELRY is our game!