With proper cleaning and care, and the occasional visit to a reliable and trusted jeweler, you’ll find that your jewelry will last you years. Some gems require special maintenance and precaution; but as common sense as your guide, and with the helpful tips were about to dish, you can definitely keep all of your fine jewelry in tip-top shape. 


Diamonds sparkle best when regularly cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. However, to create your own cleaning solution, mix six parts water to one part ammonia. With a soft toothbrush and a few sturdy strokes, dirt will loosen and your diamond’s brilliance will be restored. Remember! Always rinse after cleaning.


Mix together warm water and dish soap, then gently remove any surface impurities and buildup with a small brush. Be sure to clean underneath the stone where dust and dirt may collect. 


Ironically, a great way to maintain your pearls is to wear them. Your body’s natural oils will keep them brilliant. It’s best to apply any perfumes, lotions or hair sprays before putting your organic stones on. We recommend restringing your pearls every couple of years, especially if worn regularly. To avoid scratches, do not wear your pearls with other jewelry made of metal, and never use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. 


While it may seem like a no-brainer, remove your fine jewelry before performing any physical work — gemstones are fragile, and could chip or loosen. Ideally, we suggest storing each piece in its own cloth pouch or padded container. If a certain piece has more sentimental value to you, we recommend taking it in to a trusted professional jeweler to be inspected at least once a year. Lastly, at all costs avoid wearing your jewelry while in contact with household cleaning supplies and chemicals, especially chlorine bleach.

It’s very possible that your fine jewelry last you years. With regular cleaning and care, common sense and an occasional visit to a reliable and knowledgeable jeweler — *wink wink* — your special pieces are sure to stay in tip-top shape. We hope these tips bring you peace when investing in fine jewelry, and encourage you to give us a ring when the time comes.