There’s something so interesting and special about a pearl, a quality that cannot be recreated with any other gemstone. Pearls are considered organic gemstones and exist only by the hands of the world around us. Each pearl is completely different from the next and reflects the organic nature from which they come. This month on the Heart to Heart blog we’re talking about styling with one of our very favorite gemstones – you guessed it! Pearls!


For starters, pearls do a genius job of being both luxurious and conservative. They are the perfect way to enhance a look without going overboard. Audrey Hepburn’s famous black dress and tight neckline quickly come to mind when we think of dressing for pearls. Perhaps it’s their subtle juxtaposition, but pearls somehow have a way of always looking good when paired with black. 

Try pairing a low-neck shirt with your favorite pearl necklace to draw attention to both your collarbone and the gorgeous gems around your neck. Throw on a button-down top and your favorite pearl pieces for a more masculine look.  While the ultimate look is up to you, we can always count on our pearls to complete a statement look, add flair to a business casual outfit or even soften up a streetwear ensemble.


While a strand of pearls around your neck and bright red lipstick may have been the way to go in the past, we suggest taking a more modern, neutral route. Try opting for a nude makeup palette, preferably one with earthy undertones. This will help to create a natural look that will better complement, even highlight your pearl accessories.


We want to ensure you’re able to wear your pearls as little or as much as you’d like. Due to their delicate nature, it’s important to take special care of your pearls by gently wiping them down after each use. Stay away from any heavy lotions and perfumes, we wouldn’t want the acidity of your product eating away at the outer shell of your gem. Their organic shape and build classify them as a soft stone, so to avoid any chipping do not wear your pieces while doing anything strenuous or while working out.

We hope you love this modern take on a traditional gemstone as much as we do! Tell us how you choose to style your pearls in the comments below. Also, please never hesitate to contact us for any and all jewelry-related questions.